How Organs Zone winner Hannah Brown spent her money

Hannah Brown was our winner in the Organs Zone from the August-September 2012 event. Here’s how Hannah spent her $1000:

Hannah: It was an honour to be the winner of I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here! in 2012.  Working in reproductive biology, I thought it provided the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge of how our technology was helping to preserve species at the Adelaide Zoo with students from Challa Gardens Primary School.

I ran two, 90 minute, in-school, sessions focussed on “What a Scientist looks like” and “Endangered Species Preservation”.  During these sessions we talked about the types of jobs scientists can have and what the options are for career paths in science, and a second session focussing of the types of technology helping to preserve endangered species, including the Panda Breeding Program at the Adelaide Zoo.

Following these two session, I took an excursion of 60 Year 6 and 7 students to the Adelaide Zoo.  It is unlikely that without the support from the winnings of I’m A Scientist, that the students of Challa Gardens Primary School would have been able to have an excursion to the zoo, which I completely covered the cost of, including transport, entry to the zoo and a healthy snack and bottle of water.  During the day, we followed the Endangered Species Trail and completed a handbook prepared by the teachers, Ms Oprean and Ms Hancock and myself.  We also attended an education session organised by the Education and Outreach Branch at the Adelaide Zoo which included discussions surrounding Species and Environmental Preservation.  The students had a fantastic time and learned an enormous amount about the necessity for protecting the environment for the preservation of endangered species.  I was helped on the day by Dr. Kylie Dunning and Dr. Emily Alvino from The Robinson Institute who volunteered as scientific mentors for the day.

Thanks Hannah and it’s wonderful to hear how your prize money has gone towards supporting students meet scientists and ask even MORE questions about science!


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