Our student winners from August 2013 are *drum roll*

Thank you for joining us for I’m a Scientist, Get Me out of Here! for August/September 2013.

It was a truly amazing effort. The final stats are as follows and includes a new I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! record for the number of questions asked in a single zone – 428 questions posted in the Nitrogen Zone, smashing the previous record of 399 held by the Disease Zone of our March event:

Zone Students Questions Comments Live Chats
Brain 232 395 206 22
Micro Life 214 157 114 21
Nitrogen 245 428 258 17
Total 691 976 578 60

The big news are the Student Zone Winners. In each zone we award a $50 iTunes voucher and certificate to a student based on the recommendations of our scientists, recognising a quality question, contributing to a interesting discussion or degree of engagement with the Q&A and Live Chat. We’ve also made some special commendations and those students will receive certificates. Certificates and vouchers are being posted via your coordinating teacher. The winners are:

Brain Zone

Student winner: amberfaith
Highly commended: 1windsher, beyonce, cccaaazzzaaa, cookies, emeralddragon1, howl004, karissa, m1kym4n3927, narwhalelite001, tegan13, unicornsarereal, velocity1166, vishvish, walkef.

Micro Life Zone

Student winner: magdaflynn
Highly commended: aliyah, angelica, climberlilxx, cookedchicken1, davidmcafeescience, gpenguin, jacob, jlim48, madicampbell, novastreamer12, pas0001, seth, ver0007, willynilly101.

Nitrogen Zone

Student winner: misseden
Highly commended: awesomecreeper488, bbnrl99, boron, gannaz, johnarnoldambray, kido, kitty123, laravdw, lochlantaylor, louiepop, luke08, marshmellows, mrbacon, sallad, shannon212, thepaleone, yoloswager.

Thanks also to the scientists, teachers and students who filled out our evaluation surveys. Your feedback is much appreciated and students who responded went into the draw to win a $50 iTunes voucher. The recipient of the iTunes voucher is zanzibar for our August/September event. Much appreciated!

Good luck for the rest of the school year!

Hope to see you back here for our next I’m a Scientist event taking place from 26th May – 6th June 2014!

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