Week 1 has been a blast! Not long until EVICTIONS…

Having reached the halfway point of this two-week I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! in Australia event we are gearing up for week two, aka EVICTION WEEK!

Students have already asked scientists 500 questions, and that’s just in our ASK forum. Free flowing dialogue in 26 live chats, students have really kept scientists on their toes. With three zones of very different scientific focus we have seen questions about the Brain, Micro Life, and general science (our Nitrogen zone):

Student (@chris): “Do you think gene manipulation engineering is ethical i.e. for sports, food, animals?” (Micro Life)

Scientist (@Melanie): “… flip the question around and ask ‘Is it ethical to have the ability to use genetic manipulation to solve problems and NOT use the technology?’…

Student (@amberfaith): “… I can be really happy one second and then I’m annoyed and angry the next … for no reason I’ll just be think ‘touch me and i’ll kill you’ when just a minute ago I was all sunshine and butterflies. So what is it in our brains that causes mood swing and sudden attitude changes? ” (Brain)

Scientist (@Kristyn) “Your brain actually doesn’t stop growing and developing until you are 25! … The prefrontal cortex is one of the very last parts of the brain to mature, so this also helps explain the horrid mood swings that happen in teenagers.”

Student (@bigbrain): what is your favourite type of power? (Nitrogen)

Scientist (@Mia): “I get pretty excited by Poo Power! … Imagine having a coffee as your dog runs around the park, while the coffee machine was powered by your dog’s poo!”

Our Nitrogen Zone is one of the most varied general science zones we have ever had. From space science, explosions, wine chemistry, computer programming to dog welfare, students have loved the opportunity to ask questions about almost everything they have ever wondered.

starface99: thx that fascinated me

Students also showed just how aware they are of issues we face as a global society, including wars overseas, global warming, “What are the biggest problems on earth right now is it civil wars in Syria or the global warming. What really is the biggest problem on earth right now, is it natural or man made?” (@ver0007, Live Chat 26/08/13) and alternative forms of energy “What is the future of biogas and what is your opinion on it?” (@ron98).

Scientists may be getting comfy and enjoying the challenges of new student questions each day, but evictions are coming! There can only be one winner in each zone. May the best scientist win!

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