Our Student Winners are *drum roll*

Thank you for joining us for I’m a Scientist, Get Me out of Here! over the last few weeks.

It was an amazing effort, the final stats are as follows:

  • Helium: 384 Questions, 274 Comments, 18 Live Chats from 254 students
  • Lithium: 114 Questions, 75 Comments, 15 Live Chats from 225 students
  • Beryllium: 126 Questions, 57 Comments, 20 Live Chats from 290 students

The big news are the Student Zone Winners. In each zone we award a $50 iTunes voucher and certificate to a student based on the recommendations of our scientist and moderators, recognising a quality question, contributing to a interesting discussion or degree of engagement with the Q&A, Live Chat or how well they’ve worked on their own profiles. We’ve also made some special commendations and those students will receive certificates. Certificates and vouchers are being posted via your coordinating teacher. The winners are:

Winner: pnemonoultramicroscopicsillicovolcanoconiosis
Commended: shadycactus6, Trolololo

Winner: ultimatezeus
Commended: opalrox4eva53, iburton

Winner: tayla07
Commended: jh0, kroe, iamtitanium, colicer, jay123, mrkristosifer117, bcartwri, jdoherty, mysterious1mexican, codyregterschot, ninjabeast, hmcphie, goodlj, nr44, jagreen, rblakers, p10246

Thanks to all and good luck with the rest of Term 2!

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