And then there were two (in each zone)!

We’re at the pointy end of  I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here (Australia). Only two remain in each zone. And there can be only one!

Our third and penultimate eviction was at 3pm today (Thursday 23 June) and we’ve had to say goodbye to more fabulous scientists

Join us in offering a big “So long and thanks for all the science” to:
Kieran Lim (Hydrogen), Krystal Evans (Health) and Edward Shin (Food).

The remaining scientists are still eager to answer your questions (and collect your votes!) so keep them coming. Remember one eviction per day till the winner in each zone is announced on Friday (TOMORROW). So keep on VOTING for who YOU want to win the $1000 for a science communication project.

We’d like to thank all the scientists for taking part and hope they have enjoyed the experience. When scientists are evicted you can still view their profiles, read their answered questions and leave comments for them.

Check out the evicted scientists (below) – remember their answers, the science, the laughs- and maybe leave them a message!

Zone 1st Eviction 2nd Eviction 3rd Eviction
Hydrogen Magdeline Lum Bridget Murphy Kieran Lim
Health Tara Fernandez Lee Walsh Krystal Evans
Food Bev Muhlhausler David Post Edward Shin

Our FINAL EVICTION IS TOMORROW (Friday 24 June) at about 3pm AEST. Then and only then will you find out the winner.

And in the meantime: VOTE ONE LAST TIME!

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