We’ve outlined the key benefits for students and teachers, scientists and sponsors. The benefits are collected from teachers, students and scientists who have taken part, through feedback forms and interviews for our evaluation reports.

Benefits for students and teachers

I’m a Scientist is designed to help teachers deliver the ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’ themes in the new national curriculum and bring real science to life for your students.

  • Develops and deepens students discussion and critical thinking skills, and understanding of how scientific ideas develop in the real world.
  • Covers key concepts in Science as Human Endeavour.
  • Inspires and energise students, showing them the range and excitement of real science.
  • Gets students enthusiastic about their science lessons!
  • Supported by lesson plans, info sheets, and resources for different ages and ability levels, between years 7 – 10.
  • Strengthens students engagement with social and ethical issues about science because their vote really counts.

“We now have several students who have totally been inspired by the scientists involved!”

“If there’s one key thing I would say about the event, it’s that it has got them to see that things aren’t black and white. And that���s the essence of (it).”

“They worked really hard during this event, but they didn’t seem to think of it as work.”

Benefits for scientists

  • Taking part in I’m a Scientist develops your communication skills – this is the most mentioned benefit.
  • It can re-energise you about your own science, and get you thinking differently.
  • You will make a difference. And you���ll be learning too. Teenagers ask all sorts of questions – from the cheeky to the thought-provoking. They fizz with energy and can be infectious company.

It’s fun, and the medium really breaks down barriers – ���I didn’t realise just how much fun the live chats would be and what a great rapport we would build up over a computer!��� “Enabled students to ask questions they might not have asked if they were face to face with the scientist in a classroom.”

It gets a brilliant level of engagement – “I think it engaged the kids in a way I’ve never seen before.” “How else could you have almost one on one contact with so many young people, all over the country?”

It’s inspiring, and great training at communicating your work – “I am now excited about my work again!! I also FINALLY managed to explain my work to my Dad in a way that he understood!!!”

It’s thought provoking – “It’s really interesting the questions they come up with! Some of them are really intelligent questions I haven’t considered before.”

Benefits for sponsors

We are looking for organisations to sponsor one of their scientists to take part in our award-winning event.

  • The event supports staff development – it develops skills, and also their motivation for communicating their work.
  • I’m a Scientist is a great way of reaching young people – is allows in-depth engagement with hundreds of young people, without the scientist even having to leave their lab.
  • It’s a good way of foregrounding the great work your scientists are doing and results in positive PR.

“Supporting a scientist to take part in I’m a Scientist is an effective way of reaching hundreds of young people, with a format that really works for them. The event is excellently-organised and is a great way to encourage scientists into public engagement.” – Philippa Bayley, Bristol University Centre for Public Engagement

“This event is an innovative means to help teachers to inspire the scientists of tomorrow and promote young people’s engagement with science.” – Miranda Stephenson, National Science Learning Centre

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